Duckling 1 Certificate & Badge


Please only order this certificate and badge, if you have received an email from either Watford or Wildfish Swim School confirming that your child has achieved this level.

Once processed, the certificate and badge will be available for you to collect from our poolside manager when you come to your next swimming lesson.

Please add your child’s full name ( as you would like it to appear on the Certificate) to the notes section of the checkout.

Duckling Awards

They are designed to help toddlers enjoy learning to swim with help from their parents or guardians.

With Duckling Awards your child can work towards four different colourful Awards. Each Award has its own certificate and badge.

Duckling 1 will see children start to move by themselves in the water.

By Duckling 4 they will be jumping in, going underwater, floating and travel 10 metres without support.

Duckling Awards are great at promoting increased independence and water confidence to help prepare for Stage 1 of the Learn to Swim Framework.

See what Swim England has to say about Ducking Awards

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